Sunil Rathod

Sales Director

15 years


Sales & Investment


English, Hindi, Gujarati

Sunil Rathod’s journey embodies a fusion of heritage, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the real estate realm. Originally from India, Born in Bahrain, Sunil’s family made Dubai their home in the early 1980s, establishing deep roots in the vibrant UAE community.

Following his education, Sunil joined the family jewelry business, where he gained invaluable experience in customer relations and business operations. However, in 2013, he made a strategic shift into Dubai’s freehold real estate market, recognizing its immense potential for growth and prosperity. Sunil’s family shared his vision, leading them to transition from tenants to property owners, solidifying their belief in the market’s promise.

Over the past decade, Sunil has immersed himself in every aspect of the real estate domain, from acquisition and sales to valuation and property management. His dedication to mastering the intricacies of different communities in Dubai has endowed him with a nuanced understanding of the market landscape.

As the Sales Director at Apex Capital Real Estate LLC and Business Development Manager, Sunil leverages his expertise to forge enduring relationships built on trust and integrity. He is driven by a relentless commitment to exceed client expectations, guiding them through their investment or homeownership journey with efficiency and excellence.

Sunil takes immense pride in his role, finding fulfillment in assisting clients in realizing their real estate aspirations. With his leadership and unwavering dedication, Apex Capital Real Estate LLC continues to thrive as a beacon of trust and reliability in the Dubai real estate arena.

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