Vimal Vaya

Chief Executive Officer

17 years


Sales & Investment


English, Hindi, Gujarati

Vimal Dharamshi Vaya is a true embodiment of Dubai’s real estate expertise, having immersed himself in the market for over 17 years. Born and raised in Dubai, Vimal’s intimate understanding of the city’s landscape has been pivotal in his journey.

Throughout his career, Vimal has provided a comprehensive range of services to his clients, including property management, leasing, buying, selling, and investment strategies. His dedication, coupled with unwavering commitment and consistency, has enabled him to cultivate a robust portfolio of properties and clients.

Fuelled by his vision for excellence, Vimal, alongside his trusted friends and colleagues, founded Apex Capital Real Estate. As the CEO, he leads by example, nurturing a culture of growth and empowerment within his team. Vimal’s unwavering support and motivation propel his team members to achieve new heights of success.

Passionate about real estate, Vimal’s vision for Apex Capital Real Estate is ambitious yet attainable: to emerge as one of the premier real estate brokerage firms in Dubai. With his leadership at the helm, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence, Apex Capital Real Estate is poised to redefine standards and set new benchmarks in the Dubai real estate landscape.

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